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Custer Feldspar 325 mesh (potash) (sold per lb.)

Crystalline minerals made up of mainly silica and alumina in combination with sodium and potassium oxides. Often considered a natural frit. Used extensively in both clay, up to 25% and glaze, up to . CUSTER - A potash spar used extensively in clay and glaze formulas.

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Custer feldspar supplies SiO2, Al2O3, K2O, Na2O, CaO, and Fe2O3. Commonly used potash feldspar. Can be used to substitute for Keystone, Buckingham, Yankee, or Kingman feldspars. Manufactured by Pacer Corporation; comes from Custer, SD. Primarily feldspar, some free quartz and traces of iron and magnesium. Analyses: Obstler: (Pacer Corp. 1989)

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Notes. This is one of the main feldspars used in the ceramic industry in North America. It is used in industries such as abrasives, sanitary ware, floor and wall tile, dinnerware, pottery, and electrical porcelain.It is a ceramic grade, high potash feldspar and is …

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Potash Feldspar (BA350) Kingman Feldspar: A fine white potash feldspar used in clays and glazes. Potash Feldspar (BA350) Macaloid: An off-white flaky powder made from montmorillonitic ore, used to aid glaze suspension. Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (BA215) Opax: A zirconium oxide opacifier. Zircosil 5 Opacifier (BA960) Oxford Feldspar

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Feldspar is an abundant rock-forming mineral which usually ranges from off-white, or pink to pale-coloured. It is known as a natural source of potassium oxide (K 2 O), Sodium Oxide (Na 2 O) and Aluminium oxide (Al 2 O 3). Feldspar comprises a group of minerals containing potassium, sodium, calcium & aluminium silicates. It is a universal flux used in all types of ceramic bodies &glaze.

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We, Glaze Mining Private Limited was established in the year 2011. We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of potash feldspar. mica waste, soda and many more. This products are highly durable and reliable in nature.

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FELDSPAR - HT alkaline fluxes - insoluble aluminum silicates of potassium, sodium, calcium, and/or lithium - inexpensive flux for clay and glaze. Substitution of soda spar for potash spar can lower vitrification by 100 degrees.

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Mar 03, 2011· Potash feldspar is a naturally accruing compound that has a Potash salt in it. If you need a potash feldspar get it from a ceramic supplier. I don't know of any other places for that product, although there may be some. If you want to experiment the gardening potash try …

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Sep 11, 2018· Have a look at the ingredients. Major difference is the type of feldspar, potash in the original recipe you posted and a soda feldspar in the second. Also look at the type of iron used. There are many moving parts to an iron red. Thickness of the glaze is huge too.

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Mahavir Potash Feldspar Glazy Admin Patron Alchemist Created on 10 May 2017, Updated on 5 months ago Parent material ... Glaze: 10: 42.1: JDB144 Dark Blue Glaze: 10: 42.1: Orange Red Kaki, Tomato Red: 6: 45.3: Flux Test: Potassium ...

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Potash Feldspar for Glaze. Feldspar found in off-white, or pink to pale-coloured. It is known as a natural source of potassium oxide (K2O), Sodium Oxide (Na2O) and Aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Potash feldspar play an important role in ceramic industries bodies. We produce highest quality potassium feldspar as per client requirement

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Mar 14, 2009· This combination of materials spawns a broad range of standard stoneware glazes. Although a specific stoneware glaze formula may show four or even five ingredients in its recipe, in most cases the core of the glaze is the feldspar. The rest of the materials are present in order to cure the problems contained in the feldspar.

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A Leach 4321 glaze recipe with 40% Potash Feldspar is not similar to the same glaze recipe with 40% Soda Feldspar because the materials (and their parent materials) are different. A Leach 4321 glaze recipe with 39.5% Feldspar and a Leach 4321 glaze with 40% Feldspar are considered similar because the material amounts only vary by %1.

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Potash Feldspar 75.00 12.50 12.50 Potash Feldspar 75.00 ... Glaze: 9: 27: 206 - 3/3/10 Titan-Mangan-Braun Glanz Glaze: 10: 44.527: 3/5/38-C dunkelblau grau Cobalt: 10: 29.3: 2/8/24 Altrosa-bräunlich Glaze: 10: 41.769: 3/8/13 Braun Melange glanz ...

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This information is useful when trying to reformulate a glaze to use different materials, such as swapping one frit for another, or using a local feldspar. It is also useful when trying to understand why a glaze behaves the way it does or to predict the way an untested glaze will look.

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Albite mineral, from which soda feldspar is derived, often tends to be white in appearance compared with the pinkish hue of orthoclase mineral from which potash feldspar is ground. In many cases soda and potash feldspar are interchangeable in glaze recipes. However, some differences will be apparent. Soda feldspar normally melts better.

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72 · Potash Feldspar Glazy Admin ... Glaze: 9-10: 80: Val's Turquoise 3134 + Rutile Turquoise: 5 …

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Feldspar Custer (Potash): Priced per pound. Quantity discounts are available.. . Custer Feldspar (NaKO.Al2O3.6SiO2 ) is a one of the primary feldspars

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Norwegian sourced. Used as a flux in bodies and as a major constituent in glazes. It melts at approximately 1200c. Also known as Custer Feldspar

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Fluxes are substances, usually oxides, used in glasses, glazes and ceramic bodies to lower the high melting point of the main glass forming constituents, usually silica and alumina.A ceramic flux functions by promoting partial or complete liquefaction. The most commonly used fluxing oxides in a ceramic glaze contain lead, sodium, potassium, lithium, calcium, magnesium, barium, zinc, strontium ...

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Sep 28, 2015· Pure soda feldspar is known as albite (it is white) and has the formula Na 2 O. Al 2 O 3. 6SiO 2, while pure potash feldspar is known as orthoclase, K 2 O. Al 2 O 3. 6SiO 2 and can be white or pink. Most feldspars used by potters are a combination of these two alkali feldspars. Calcium feldspar …

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Feldspar Country of origin Chemical Analysis % Residue%< Particle Size %< Products SiO2 AI2O3 Na2O K2O CaO MgO TiO2 Fe2O3 125µm 63µm 10µm 2µm; 1005 soda feldspar

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Soda feldspar is a clean white mineral with a melting range of 1100-1500C. Soda and Potash feldspar are interchangeable in glaze recipes but there are some differences between them. Soda feldspar melts better than the potash feldspar. Soda feldspar has a higher coefficient than the potash.

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Feldspar Mahavir, Potash #63: Priced per pound. Quantity discounts are available.. . G-200 Feldspar SUBSTITUTE. Potash Feldspar – Mahavir #63. . G-2

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Sep 20, 2008· semi white glaze recipe :- potash feldspar 3lb 14 oz, whiting 1 lb 14oz,talc 1 lb 2 oz, china clay 2 lb 2 oz,quartz 4 lb - …

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Invisible porcelain glaze ^6 Feldspar ( kali,potash,k) – 47 // china clay (kaolin) – 18 // Whiting (krijt ) – 22 // Zinc oxide – 4 // Flint -10 This i use to give porcelain a satin touch and to protect the work. It does not bleed out fine decorations. A good glaze to show off the clay qualities or for slip inlay as well.

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Its refractive index will allow high loadings while maintaining good coatings clarity. Pacer's Potash Feldspar is UV transparent. Custer feldspar is suitable for many applications in clay and in glaze where creates unique glaze properties.

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Desktop Insight 1B - Turn a Feldspar Into a Glaze. Learn to compare a target formula with the chemistry of a feldspar. See why it does not make a good glaze by itself and what materials need to be added to make it into a balanced glaze.