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As of 2019, GCM Industry and its affiliated companies have 5 advanced mining machine production bases and one production base under construction, with a total production area of 1,200,000 square meters, which can better meet more needs of global customers in the future.


Beginning in 1987, GCM industry has developed steadily and steadily in the field of mining machines, and has gradually formed a complete R&D, production, sales and service system.

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A Simple Machine - How Espresso Machines Work | HowStuffWorks

To force the water through the coffee, the simplest espresso machines use pressure that comes from heating water inside a sealed vessel.These types of machines can be bought for around $50, and there's even one that is made especially to take on a camping trip. They all work on the same principle, so we'll take a look at one of the camping-style machines.

Food Fun: Coffee Quiz | HowStuffWorks

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What is shade coffee? | HowStuffWorks

Shade coffee offers an alternative to mass-produced monoculture coffee grown in direct sun. Learn about shade coffee and how shade grown coffee works.

Does Mushroom Coffee Have Medicinal Properties ...

Jan 22, 2020· In 2012, Four Sigmatic founder Tero Isokauppila, who hails from Finland, decided to mix the superfood from his home turf – organic Chaga and cordyceps mushroom extract – with the unofficial best drink of the universe: coffee. The result is mushroom coffee. "Mushroom coffee …

Why Italian Is the International Language of Coffee ...

Jan 07, 2019· If you can't start your morning without a cup of joe, you're not alone. American's consumption of coffee is up — it's the highest it's been since 2012 — and global exports are too. According to the International Coffee Organization, world coffee …

Gin Fizzles Out But Makes a Comeback - How Gin Works ...

But gin has made a comeback. If you could put a start date on it, it was probably 1998 when Bombay Sapphire first came out in the U.S. Although sold as a London dry gin, Bombay Sapphire is not as juniper-centric, and the eye-catching sapphire-blue bottle lists 10 other botanicals (and their lands of origin) that gave it its trademark complexity: licorice (China), juniper berries (Italy), cubeb ...

The Bean Belt - How Coffee Works | HowStuffWorks

A coffee tree produces continuously: One plant can be flowering, have immature beans and mature cherries all at the same time. Each tree can produce beans that make between 1 and 1.5 pounds (0.45 and 0.68 kg) of roasted coffee every season. A coffee plant prefers rich soil and mild temperatures, with lots of rain and shaded sun.

The "Hot Coffee" Controversy - How the ESRB Works ...

In early 2005 it was revealed that the game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" contained a graphic sexual mini-game (dubbed "hot coffee") not considered in the game's M rating. The mini-game was apparently part of some preliminary work done for the game, but was not intended to be viewable by consumers.

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HowStuffWorks is an American commercial infotainment website founded by professor and author Marshall Brain to provide its target audience an insight into the way many things work. The site uses various media to explain complex concepts, terminology, and mechanisms—including photographs, diagrams, videos, animations, and articles.

The Ultimate Caffeine Quiz | HowStuffWorks

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How Coffee Makers Work | HowStuffWorks

For more about details about what's in your morning cup, check out the article How Coffee Works. There are lots of coffee makers on the market that can arguably make a better pot of Joe, but in this article, we'll be focusing on the trusty drip. If your tastes do run fancier, check out the article How the Clover Coffee Maker Works. On the other ...

The Ultimate Coffee Maker Quiz | HowStuffWorks

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How the Clover Coffee Maker Works - HowStuffWorks

In early 2008, Starbucks conducted a test run of Clover machines. Starbucks priced a cup of Clover coffee at $2.50 in Seattle stores, compared to $1.55 for the traditional drip [source: Robison].The company must have liked the results; just a short time later, Starbucks announced it had purchased the Coffee Equipment Company for an undisclosed price.

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Coffee Facts | HowStuffWorks

Coffee contains caffeine, the stimulant that gives you that "lift." Caffeine is the most popular drug in the world, and 90 percent of people in the United States consume it in some form every day. Despite what you may believe, dark-roast coffee has less caffeine than coffee …

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HowStuffWorks explains thousands of topics, ranging from the flu to black holes to conspiracy theories, with video and illustrations so you can learn how everything works.

Inside a Coffee Maker | HowStuffWorks

A modern drip coffee maker is a surprisingly simple device. Manufacturers have had more than 30 years to hone their designs, so these coffee makers are pretty straightforward once you open them up. If you take off the top of the coffee maker, you find three things:

Coffee Varieties - How Coffee Works | HowStuffWorks

Coffee has two main varieties: arabica and robusta. Arabica is descended from the original Ethiopian coffee trees. The coffee made from this variety is mild and aromatic. It's the king of coffee and accounts for about 70 percent of the world's coffee production.

Turkish Coffee Is Steeped in Tradition — And Easy to Make ...

Apr 07, 2020· Steeped in Tradition. The oldest method of preparing a cup of joe, Turkish coffee doesn't just fuel a unique marital tradition, it embodies a deep cultural history — uniting people through conversation, painting fortunes in leftover grounds, educating the illiterate, causing sultans to hire spies and even energizing men as they whirled in search of religious ecstasy.

How Coffee Makers Work - HowStuffWorks

Freshness counters can let you know how long a pot of coffee has been sitting out and automatic shut-off features can ease fears that you forgot to turn the cof­fee maker off when you left for work. Now, when you make coffee tomorrow morning, you can do so with a …

How are coffee, tea and colas decaffeinated? | HowStuffWorks

­Ethyl acetate processed products are referred to as "naturally decaffeinated" because ethyl acetate is a chemical found naturally in many fruits. Caffeine is extracted in the same way as with methylene chloride processing, but ethyl acetate is the solvent. To decaffeinate using carbon dioxide (CO 2), water-softened materials are "pressure cooked" with the gas.

How WiFi Works | HowStuffWorks If you've been in an airport, coffee shop, library or hotel recently, chances are you've been right in the middle of a wireless network. Many people also use wireless networking, also called WiFi or 802.11 networking, to connect their computers at home, and some cities are trying to use the technology to provide free or low ...

How Caffeine Works | HowStuffWorks

Around 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine every single day in one form or another. More than half of all American adults consume more than 300 milligrams of caffeine every day, making it America's most popular drug by far [source: Johns Hopkins]. But the U.S. is far from the lead when it comes to national caffeine consumption.

Tasting Clover Coffee | HowStuffWorks

The main components of measuring coffee's taste and flavor are acidity and body. Acidity keeps your coffee from tasting bitter or sour; it's frequently described as the "brightness" of a cup, the thing that's making your tongue tingle a little bit [source: Merchants of Green Coffee, Coffee University]. Body is how the coffee feels in your mouth ...

Pop, Pop - How Coffee Works | HowStuffWorks

Roasting is where coffee's flavor is fulfilled. The green coffee beans are heated in large, rotating drums using temperatures of about 550 F (288 C). The tumbling motion of the drums keeps the beans from burning. The beans first turn a yellowish color and smell a little like popcorn. After about 8 minutes, the beans "pop" and double in size.

Making Coffee | HowStuffWorks

How Coffee Makers Work. by Marshall Brain & Jessika Toothman. Making Coffee. Prev NEXT . Sleepy? A cup of HowStuffWorks coffee can get you going. HowStuffWorks 2008 All this talk of coffee got you thirsting for some java? Well, here's the lowdown on how a drip coffee maker turns a handful of grounds and a couple of cups of water into a steaming ...

What Coffee Blend Suits You? | HowStuffWorks

For many of us, life without coffee just doesn't exist. Because it's an everyday essential, you should make sure to enjoy every sip you take. Brewing your coffee with the right blend for you will help start your day the best way! Take this quiz to find out which blend is perfect for you!

The Heating Element of Coffee Makers | HowStuffWorks

The coffee maker's switch turns power to the heating element on and off. To keep the heating element from overheating, there are also components such as sensors and fuses. In coffee makers, sensors detect if the coil is getting too hot and cut off the current. Then, when it …