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As of 2019, GCM Industry and its affiliated companies have 5 advanced mining machine production bases and one production base under construction, with a total production area of 1,200,000 square meters, which can better meet more needs of global customers in the future.


Beginning in 1987, GCM industry has developed steadily and steadily in the field of mining machines, and has gradually formed a complete R&D, production, sales and service system.

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Waupun dryer fire causes damage | Regional news |

Feb 24, 2020· Upon arrival, fire was visible in a dryer and smoke was filling the building. An occupant in the building attempted to use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire before crews arrived but was ...

my home made fish dryer - YouTube

Jun 20, 2013· To properly smoke Salmon you must first soak in brine then dry in order to get the pellicle(a skin that forms on the fish) then smoke. With this dryer I can dry much quicker and flies don't get on ...

Build this sturdy large-capacity food dehydrator

By Charles Sanders Issue #63 • May/June, 2000 Drying of food as a means of preservation has been around for a long time. Populations in suitably dry climates all around the globe have dried meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables in times of plenty as a way to provide for the leaner months of the year. […]

How to Build a Food Dehydrator - DIY - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

How to Build a Food Dehydrator How to construct a food dryer powered by the sun, a stove or electricity; including materials, diagrams and assembly. ... The hardest parts of a food dryer for an ...


Oct 18, 2018· SMOKING/DRYING FISH MACHINE Israel Ademuyiwa ADEDIRAN. ... Solar dryer/dehydrator construction - South Sudan ... ABC OF SMOKED FISH PRODUCTION IN NIGERIA - Duration: 30:52. Akpos Yemi …

Meat Smokers and Smokehouses - Meats and Sausages

Meat Smokers and Smokehouses. Meat smokers and smokehouses are used to smoke products like meat, sausages, poultry or fish. The properly designed meat smoker must: Generate smoke (cold and hot). Be able to achieve and maintain desired temperatures inside.

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Fish Smoking Oven For Sale In Quantity.(PICTURE ...

200 capacity fish smoking oven is 55k (galvanised). 100 capacity fish smoking oven is 45k. For gas 200 is 120k while 100 is 90k 500 is 90k for coal and 180k for gas. Hello. Am based in Abuja and very interested in the galvanised oven. can u help find out the transport cost to Abuja. You can drop a mail: [email protected]

23 Awesome DIY Smokehouse Plans You Can Build in the Backyard

These smokehouse plans are a sturdy option to smoke your meat in. It is constructed of cinderblocks and has a wooden door on the front. Also, it has a pitched roof that looks like you could hang quite a lot of meat in this smokehouse. So if you plan on smoking meat for a larger family, then you might want to consider this option.

Cheap Fish Drying Machine For Sale - 2020 Best Fish Drying ...

Buy cheap fish drying machine online. Want cheap fish drying machine? We have 2020 new fish drying machine products on sale. Prices may vary so we advise you do a search for Food Processing Machine Price, Fish Food Machine Price, Pet Food Machine Price for comparison shopping before you place an order, then you can get high quality & low price Food Processing Machine, Fish Food Machine, Pet ...

Two people rescued from fire at building in Boston's ...

One person was hospitalized after two people were rescued from two-alarm fire Wednesday at a building in Boston's Beacon Hill. The fire broke out at 7:30 a.m. in a five-story brick building at 98 ...

5. Fish Processing and Preservation | Fisheries ...

160 FISHERIES TECHNOLOGIES FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES TOP VIEW trays stacked ~en) ;~ perforated ~~~~ " ~ sheet metal _, smoke spreader smoke box (steel drum) SIDE VIEW jeet metal or corrugated zinc or asbesto- cement roofing sheets FIGURE 5.16 The Ivory Coast kiln is simple and efficient but the construc- tion materials are costly.

Fish drying - fish smoking kilns designed, manufactured ...

Welcome Smoking - Cooking "Fish" Drying/ Smoking kilns "Fish" Drying/ Smoking kilns To meet the increasing demand for quality dried and smoked products, such as fish, ARCOS has put all it expertise into development of a unique range of specific cells that …

An innovative way of fish drying and smoking: FAO Thiaroye ...

An innovative way of fish drying and smoking: FAO Thiaroye Processing Technique (FTT-Thiaroye) Purpose. of this policy . brief To introduce and trial a new cost effective method of fish smoking and drying which will reduce post-harvest losses, add value to the finished product and increase its shelf life. Summary. Fish is the main source of

A Guide to Smoking for Fish Preservation | The Fish Site

A Guide to Smoking for Fish Preservation | The Fish Site

Smokehouse Build From Pallets | DIY Smoker For Less Than $100

Jun 10, 2019· We never found plans that really met our requirements, so we ended up making our own. Our considerations for DIY smoker plans were: Size – it needed to be big enough to a lot of items at once and also smoke large items Cost– it needed to be as inexpensive as possible while still allowing you to smoke meat well; Skill level required – it needed to be something you could do with basic ...

Design and Fabrication of a Convective Fish Dryer.

(temperature profile) of the dryer showed the highest temperature of 110°C/drying chamber temperature in 30 minutes which is expected to give higher drying rate than the natural sun drying and open–fired drying methods. (Keywords: convective, fish dryer, drying rate, drying temperature, food preservation, local construction) INTRODUCTION

How to Get Rid of Odor in a Dryer | Hunker

Jul 17, 2017· Dryer odor can be caused by many things, from food or another smelly substance slipping inside with the laundry to a critter having made its way into the machine. As it certainly defeats the purpose of doing laundry to leave your dryer in such a state, here are ways to refresh it.

Make Your Own Solar Food Dryer at Home | Make:

Dec 18, 2012· The concept of a solar food dryer is simple: move warm air over thinly sliced food. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can remove from the food. However, you don't want the air to move too quickly, as it will cause the temperature to decrease. Our design creates just enough air movement and warmth to dry food quickly.

: Dryerbox Model 425 DB-425 | New Construction ...

Construction Solutions DBX1000M Dryer Vent Box with trim ring for 2x6 framing $49.99. MagVent MV-90 Magnetic Dryer Vent Coupling 4.7 out of 5 stars 263. $69.00. Dryer Dock The Original Dryer Vent Quick Release - Two-Piece Dryer Hose Quick-Connect, Twist & Lock Tight, Fits 4 Inch Tubes 4.5 out ...

Effective Fish Smoking Kiln for Developing Country

The kiln also prevents soot deposition or charring of the smoked fish during smoking. The proximate analysis of the smoke-dried catfish was conducted and the results proved the suitability and effectiveness of the smoking kiln for use among fish handlers and processors in developing countries due to good nutritional quality recorded. Keywords ...

4 Ways to Troubleshoot a Dryer That Smells Like ... - wikiHow

Apr 18, 2020· Replace the lint trap, the lint panel, and plug in the dryer to test it. After cleaning the most common places for lint to accumulate, replace all the parts and reconnect the dryer to the power source. If your dryer is gas-powered, reconnect the gas line and turn it on. Run the dryer for up to 1 or 2 minutes to see if the burning smell is gone.

Odors & Smells: Building Odor Diagnostic Procedure

Watch out: If you smell "burning plastic" or or smoke similar odors indoors or even outside of a building, a dangerous electrical failure could be present and there is risk of a building fire. Clothes dryer fires: overheating dryers, unsafe vents can cause a fire See CLOTHES DRYER FIRE HAZARD WARNINGS

Fish Smoking Technologies — PIND Foundation

Fish smoking is an integral part of life in the riverine communities of the Niger Delta. Smoking prolongs shelf life, enhances flavour, reduces waste and increases protein availability. Smoked fish has fully developed as an alternative market to fresh fish.

Design and fabrication of pneumatic charcoal kiln drying ...

The fabrication of pneumatics charcoal kiln for fish smoking was done with the objective of replacing the existing open kiln smoking of fish. The pneumatic kiln of rectangular metal plate made from wrought iron of 2mm thickness has three chambers: The fan chamber, powered by a solar energy, charcoal chamber and the smoke chambers respectively. The

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The Smoker allows the player to cure meat in order to preserve it, lengthening the time it takes for the meat to spoil. Cooked meat takes 2 days before it is spoiled, whilst smoked meat has a lifespan of 4 days. The smoking process slightly reduces the nutritial value over cooked meat.

DIY Smoker Plans • Insteading

May 21, 2020· Smoking is a low and slow cooking method that has been used for generations. Producing a deep, smoky flavor for all kinds of meats, smoking is a process that takes patience and practice. Store bought smokers can get pricey, but with a bit of creativity, you can build your own DIY smoker at home with one of our plans.

Smokehouse Plans - Meats and Sausages

Smokehouse Plans. Smokehouse plans presented on our site are free and will make functional smokehouses. Before one starts buying or building a smokehouse, it is recommended to read the primer on smoking meat in order to get some basics about meat smoking and smokehouses.