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As of 2019, GCM Industry and its affiliated companies have 5 advanced mining machine production bases and one production base under construction, with a total production area of 1,200,000 square meters, which can better meet more needs of global customers in the future.


Beginning in 1987, GCM industry has developed steadily and steadily in the field of mining machines, and has gradually formed a complete R&D, production, sales and service system.

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Pentair Rainbow 320 Automatic Chlorine Feeder

Great for installation in the return line of your pool or spa system, in-line chemical feeders are literally plumbed "in line" with the other equipment in your system Pentair's chemical feeders are built with flow-through circulation, which results in maximum clean water output

Res-up Feeder Installation Instructions

holes in the brine tank, rotating feeder downward into position as shown in figure 1. 6. Fill feeder with Res-up® Cleaner to "fill line" on label. 7. Replace cover on Feeder and automatic feeding will occur within a few hours. Res-up ® Feeder Installation Instructions Figure 1 Figure 2 …

We Install, Hang and Mount Birdhouses and Feeders

Birdhouse and Feeder Mounting; Contact Us; Request a Free Quote; Get a Free Estimate to Install, Hang or Mount a Birdhouse. It is our job to make your birdhouse installation project is taken care of by the best local professionals. We can help you to quickly connect with specialized companies who provide birdhouse installation services, as ...

Haas Bar Feeder - Installation - CHC - AD0179

Find the high-voltage terminals [7] on the bar feeder 30-Amp amplifier. Install the jumpers [6] from the installation kit between these terminals. Connect the black wire to -H.V. Connect the red wire to +H.V.

Vibrating Feeder Installation & Operation & Troubleshooting

Vibrating Feeder Installation and Use. Vibration feeder is used for proportioning and quantitative feeding to ensure uniform and stable feeding and prevent material self-flow. Normally, it should be installed horizontally. If continuous feeding, it can be installed 10 degrees downward.

Distribution Feeder Principles - GE Grid Solutions

Distribution Feeder Principles. Introduction. Electrical distribution is the final stage in the delivery of electricity . to end users. The distribution system's network carries electricity from the transmission system and delivers it to consumers. Since

Apron feeder installation and management -

Jan 27, 2020· Rear access is suggested to have an additional 1,500mm at the tail end of the feeder for pans (flights) removal and installation. Additional best practices include installing a lift beam and trolley assembly above the drive system and across the back end of the apron feeder …

Super Feeder - Automatic Feeder - Automatic Aquarium ...

super feeder® quick installation Instructions are for the CSF-3XL Super Feeder®, but basic operation is the same for all Super Feeders®. For a detailed video showing set-up/ operation instructions, visit our Video Page for a YouTube link.

gweike laser welding machine with feeder installation ...

Jun 22, 2020· gweike laser welding machine with feeder installation, more details please contact me. Mob./ Whatsapp: +86 18563702669. [email protected]


The #320 feeder is designed for permanent installation in the return line of your new pool or spa and must always be installed after the heater, pool cleaner, valves, etc.If your pool does not have a heater, then it must be installed after the filter or any other piece of equipment.

Pole Installation with Bill - YouTube

Oct 25, 2012· How to install a 1" steel feeder pole using a Twister Stake.

Bullet Feeder Die Setup - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

By Cmax Arms July 20, 2016 . How to setup and install the Hornady Bullet Feeder Die and tubes!

Pulsar System INSTALLATION MANUAL - Streamline Aquatics

to evacuate the solution from the base of the feeder. This installation method gives optimal performance of the Pulsar® feeder in most above and below grade installations. The use of a pressure gauge on the discharge side of the pool pump after the filter is recommended for correct installation of …

Parts Feeders Inc - Feeder Installation

GENERAL INSTRUCTION SHEET VIBRATORY PARTS FEEDERS A. INSTALLATION 1.Visually check the equipment and report any shipping damage immediately. 2.Secure the bowl firmly to the unit cross arm. Do not attach anything that may restrict the vibrating motion of the bowl. 3.Install the feeder on a level, vibration-free stand.

A Simple Guide to Setting up Your Hummingbird Feeder ...

May 01, 2019· Setting up your feeder is simple and easy. Step 1- Wash the feeder. In the past, I have used a bit of dish soap and some elbow grease to clean it. However, upon doing some research, I found that dish soaps can leave a harmful residue. The National Audubon Society recommends using a white vinegar and water solution to clean the feeder.

Installation Rules for Birdhouses, Feeders, Birdbaths, and ...

"Birdhouse – Birdfeeder – Birdbath – Installation Rules" Most installation rules for birdhouses, feeders, and birdbaths are pretty straight forward with a little thinking and planning. Below are some installation rules to consider: Birdhouse Installation Rules: …

: Pentair R171096 Rainbow 320 Automatic In-Line ...

On a side note if your main fitting below the feeder is still good, as mine was, you can simply unscrew the feeder from the supplied base and connect it to the old fitting. That is how I was able to install …

Feeder Connector Installation (part-1) - YouTube

Nov 12, 2012· How to cut and install feeder connector. How To Pressure Wash WITHOUT a Pressure Washer Part 1 - House Wash for Rookies - Duration: 13:47. Dan's Vlog Recommended for you

Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions for MF ...

Installation Instructions 1. Set System Feeder on a secure and level base or in the optional tank shelf. 2. Connect the unit to the system using copper or plastic tubing. Ensure that there is a system isolation valve installed to allow for isolation of the unit. DO NOT INSTALL A CHECK VALVE OR PRESSURE REGULATOR BETWEEN SYSTEM FEEDER AND SYSTEM. 3.

Installation | PT Feeder Docs

After you have installed PT Feeder you need to start/stop it in addtion to ProfitTrailer. # Install .NET Runtime. First of all install Dotnet Core by Microsoft version 2.2.x or higher for your operating system. You can get it the runtime from here. The SDK will also work. NOTE Anything higher than 2.2.x will not work. PT Feeder has not been ...

Tips for Hanging a Feeder - The Spruce

Natural Feeding: The best place to put a feeder will simulate a 's natural feeding preferences.Suet feeders for woodpeckers, for example, will be more popular if placed near tree trunks or thick branches. Platform feeders for ground-feeding birds do best in areas where those birds will normally feed, such as near shrubbery. Nectar feeders will be more popular if placed near nectar ...

Feeder (Profit Trailer add-on) - Installation Service ...

Let us install PT-Feeder (PTF) for you on your vpc or local computer. We will configure your PTF to use the same settings you have in Profit Trailer (PT) currently. We support Windows, Linux and Mac.


INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL TABLET FEEDER INTRODUCTION The Tri-Max tablet feeder is a complete dry chemical dosing system for water, wastewater or process water treatment. It si designed to be easily transported from site to site throughout the day or permanently installed by utilizing the mounting holes located on the flow deck.

Fast Feeder - The Easy Way to Install Tree Fertilizer ...

Fast Feeder - Installation Tool "Got my order on Friday and put my first set of manganese spikes in for my maples. I also got an installation tool, and I wanted to mention that I was really pleased with it. I have dense, heavy clay soil that by this time of year is like concrete. I need to stand on the stirrup with both feet and rock back and ...

Article 215: Feeders | EC&M

Each solidly grounded wye electrical 277/480V feeder disconnecting means rated 1,000A or more must be provided with ground-fault protection of equipment, and the installation …

Hummingbird Feeder Placement Tips - The Spruce

Noticeable: Hummingbirds have keen eyesight, but a feeder that is tucked under a deep roof or hidden in dense foliage can easily be overlooked. The feeder should catch some light so colors and reflections are more easily seen and will attract hummingbirds' attention. If other red colors are nearby, hummingbirds will also notice the feeder more quickly.

C & S Products Nugget Feeder-CS08753 - The Home Depot

Enjoy the C & S Products Co., Inc. Nugget Feeder CS08753, green conveniently-sized feeder is easy to hang in your yard, garden or patio area from The Home Depot

Installation – Quick Feed Automatic Feeders

INSTALLATION: Locate your new feeder close to a 110-volt receptacle for electric power. Mount feeder on a suitable outer stall wall OUT OF THE ANIMALS REACH for horses and other grain fed animals. See Figures A, B or C for mounting applications for your animal or pet. Note: Wall must be solid and sturdy.